Aluminum People

In the beginning, we created the wax paper and the foil; and the wax and the foil were without form and void; and darkness was on the face of the aluminum; and the Spirit of Glad said, "Let there be life!" and there was life. Behold! It is good!

Surreal Sandwich Meat


Reviewed by Belka Stamas in Factsheet Five #32

($14.95 from Video-SIG, 1030-C E. Duane Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086) [defunct]

David Boone’s “Everyman” is a real treat to watch, especially when you find his production budget was only twelve thousand dollars. This latest adaptation of the 16th century morality play is stong not only in mechanical execution, but in the acting as well. Usually you can find crews to volunteer time in doing a worthwhile short, but finding professional actors to do the same is much more difficult, but this is what David accomplished when lining up a team for this production and it shows. The overall structure of the piece reminded me of “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” primarily because it’s surreal sandwich meat surrounded by realistic bread. Whatever video genre you might prefer, this is a must to watch in that it’s a clinic for a crew with a lot of good ideas and a little bit of cash. Great job.


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