Aluminum People

In the beginning, we created the wax paper and the foil; and the wax and the foil were without form and void; and darkness was on the face of the aluminum; and the Spirit of Glad said, "Let there be life!" and there was life. Behold! It is good!

“Cheap Peeks” – Trashy Guys Reviewing Trashy Flicks

ACTV gives public an opportunity to create on television

by Dean Webb

From The Austin American – Statesman, July 25, 1988, IMAGES Section, Page 4

“…But ACTV has much, much more than just controversy to fill its 180 hours per week of community programming. For example, it features an alternative to Siskel and Ebert, those two overindulged darlings of the media, and Joe Bob Briggs, who is slowly becoming a commercial venture. On its terminally offbeat weekly movie-review program, Cheap Peeks [Saturdays at 10:30 p.m.], three trashy guys sit around in a trashy backyard and swill trashy beer while reviewing trashy flicks, much in the style of the brilliant Sneakin’ in the Movies segment from Robert Townsend’s Hollywood Shuffle. If you’re tired of commercially viable movie reviewers, chck out this crazy show….”


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